iOS 6 iPad – Internet TV Sensation!

When Apple created the iPad tablet industry in 2010 they also created a global ‘touch’ entertainment sensation embracing internet television, using their best HD user choice content and AirPlay to deliver engaging TV.

iPad Television

The new iPad and iPad Mini comes crammed with an astonishing collection of functions, features and applications that simply turns it into a performing powerhouse, opening a world full of fun with TV shows, movies, and music.

The fantastic iOS 6 improvements have made this all possible, enabling content to be played on a TV using AirPlay by means of Apple TV.  AirPlay seamlessly allows any content from the tablet to be wirelessly streamed onto a TV and speakers.  Apple TV and iOS 6 offers easy access to endless entertainment; anything from favorite TV shows, blockbuster films, games, photos, to incredible personal videos straight to the big-screen.

Inferno TV & Apple TV

Internet Television

The growing phenomenon of Internet TV (or Online TV) continues to outgrow customary television watching, even though TV set ownership is falling.  More and more viewers are turning to digitally programmed content distributed on-demand over the Internet electing to view content on iPads, mobile devices or through PC’s connected to the internet.

Typically major television broadcasters host the delivery of their television shows and other video content over the internet by means of video streaming technology, allowing personalized selection of content or favorite TV show from archives or channel directories.

There are 2-forms of viewing streamed Internet television content, either through a media player or by downloading to a computer.  With the ‘On-Demand’ TV market growing the application and website streaming providers who support delivery of the content are essential mechanisms of the major broadcasters.

And these streaming websites are popping up everywhere offering various forms of quality and formats, such as HD, or pay sites like Netflix, annual payment streaming services like Virgin, free websites or the many hundreds of not so well known sites and services.

Web Television

There are even more ways to watch TV programs on the Internet and Web TV is a category of digital entertainment.  Typically major web television networks such as YouTube, Crackle, MySpace, Newgrounds,, etc. 

Improvements in Internet and streaming video technology account for its rapidly growing popularity and allows producers to cheaply distribute content 24 7 with global reach.

Expansion and reach has had a dramatic effect on interactivity and social networking helping to improve quality and rivaling network television demonstrating web television as a legitimate medium.


Web-to-TV (or Web-infused television) makes the transition from the computer screen to the television set possible.  It can be delivered through virtually any network connected device.  Studies show that viewer prefer to watch video on a TV but are somewhat overwhelmed by the competing choices for bringing Web video to the TV.

Typical installation utilizes a variety of 3rd party components, but the vast fragmentation in Web-to-TV market makes a solution costly and difficult to stream interactive content for the many diverse platforms. 

The best Web-infused television shows are destined to be watched on the big-screen from the comfort of a couch.

Useful Resources

History is set up to help Connected TV and Hybrid TV Users struggling to cope with all of the amazing features and grappling with how to using iPads effectively and get more out of their devises and utilize the technology.  Typically users are now investing in visual iPad lessons, as a solution to the lack of built-in user guidance.


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